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Published on 16 May 2023


As a Council, we understand the importance of enhancing tree canopy in West Torrens; not just on public land but private land as well. As such, we support our residents and ratepayers to help in this space by providing a range of options and incentives to increase vegetation by:

  • Offering financial assistance (rebates) to plant a shady tree and to maintain Significant and Regulated trees on privately owned properties.
  • Encouraging the greening of road verges, the watering of street trees and care for gardens during hot weather.
  • Encouraging the community to retain trees through the planning and development process.
  • Continuing the annual Native Plant Giveaway program and holding several community planting events each year.

Council recently adopted its Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Strategy 2023 - 2027, which outlines our response to the climate change challenges we face as a community. 

While the Strategy primarily focuses on Council-owned facilities and operations, it also supports the community to take action too. We acknowledge that a lot of work has been undertaken, however the Strategy provides a range of short and long term initiatives to help keep us on track and do more.

Through our Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Strategy and our Tree Strategy, we have several actions to deliver including:

  • Setting a target to increase tree canopy and measure changes over time.
  • Using our Tree Audit to help prioritise tree planting in streets, open spaces and drainage corridors.
  • Using a mix of tree species that are resilient to climate change and offer cooling and greening benefits.
  • Minimising impacts to trees from urban development and infrastructure projects.

In addition, we are developing a new Urban Heat and Tree Canopy Map and working collaboratively with the State Government to develop its 'Urban Greening Strategy for Metro Adelaide'.

We are also a founding member of the international 'Cities with Nature' program to integrate and enhance nature within our city.

You'll find lots of information on trees and other environmental topics via the link below.


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