Get to know your candidates

Published on 19 September 2022

2022 Vote asset.jpg

With the 2022 Local Government elections just around the corner, local residents can now find out a bit more about our local candidates by viewing profiles on the ECSA website.

Elections will be held in the following wards:

  • Keswick - 2 vacancies
    Candidates Iqbal Singh, Michael Farnden, Roxane Adams, Elisabeth Papanikolaou, John Woodward, Gurpreet Sing Minhas.
  • Hilton - 2 vacancies
    Candidates Rajeev Malhotra, Sam Whiting, Cindy O'Rielley, George Vlahos.
  • Plympton - 2 vacancies
    Candidates Surender Pal, Haylee Farnden, Lana Gelonese, Abdurhman Ali, Parneet Kaur Ahluwalia. 
  • Lockleys - 2 vacancies
    Candidates Daniel Huggett, Kym McKay, Patrick O'Sullivan, Melissa Marrone.
  • Airport - 2 vacancies
    Candidates Greg Noble, Jassmine Wod, Chris Marciniak, Sara Comrie, Kirti Verma, Sam Pande.
  • Thebarton - 2 vacancies
    Candidates Peta-anne Louth, Graham Nitschke, Linda Mundy, Zoi Papafilopoulos, Payalpreet Kaur, Matthew McKay.

There will be no election for the position of Mayor and Councillors for Morphett Ward as enough nominations were received that these positions will not be contested. 

Voting packs in all other wards will be mailed between 14 and 20 October 2022 and you will have until 5pm, Thursday 10 November to vote. Make sure you have your say and vote for who you want to represent you in your ward for the next 4 years. While voting is not compulsory, it's highly encouraged.

Authorised Terry Buss PSM, Chief Executive Officer