Fruit fly update

Published on 15 April 2021


More suburbs have been added to the Marleston fruit fly outbreak area. 

Affected suburbs include Adelaide, Flinders Park, Keswick Terminal, Mile End, Mile End South, Torrensville, Thebarton and Underdale (Outbreak-area-map-Marleston.jpg(JPG, 7MB) )

Release of sterile fruit flies

To help combat the spread of fruit flies across the metropolitan Adelaide, the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA)’s will be releasing sterile fruit flies via low flying planes during the next few weeks.

Ninety million sterile fruit flies will be released over the red outbreak and yellow suspension areas in metropolitan Adelaide to combat the outbreaks.

The sterile flies will find trees to settle in and breed with the wild flies, which then cannot reproduce, breaking the fruit fly life cycle.

The airplane will fly twice a day every Tuesday and Thursday during April and May (weather allowing).

The airplane is a Piper Seneca 2, a small white airplane with two propellers and a dark red belly underneath. The wing tips are also dark red.

Find out more on the fruit fly website 

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