How to Make a Complaint

The City of West Torrens is committed to listening and responding to people with complaints in order to review the way we provide services to our community and to identify areas for improvement. We have developed a  Complaints Policy to ensure that complaints are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction in relation to:

  • ·no action taken in response to a request for service or information
  • the type or level of response after a request for service or information was made
  • the quality, standard or timeliness of a service provided
  • the behaviour or actions of an Elected Member or an employee.

Complaints of general nature may be lodged at the City's Service Centre in person, by telephone (08) 8416 6333 or by completing and submitting the  feedback form available from the council offices and on the City's website.

If your complaint relates to a decision made by:

  • The Council
  •  A council employee
  • Other persons acting on behalf of the council.

You may wish to request that the decision be reviewed.

The procedure for making this type of complaint is detailed in the Internal Review of  Council Decisions Policy.  Requests for an internal review must be in writing, provide full details of the decision, for which the applicant is seeking a review and include a description of how the decision impacts on their rights and/or interests.

For information on how to seek a review of a Parking Expiation please click on the link provided.

For further information and please call (08) 8416 6333.   Hard copies of the Complaints Policy and/or the Internal Review of Council Decisions Policy and relevant application forms will be mailed to you on request.