Font Size

Increase the text size for this website by following the steps below.

Please note that if you are using a computer other than your own at home, some of the methods below may not work due to the IT policies of shared computers.


A fixed font size has been used on this web site but you can increase the text size within your browser.

Internet Explorer (IE 8 and above)

1. Select View from the menu bar
2. Hover your mouse over the Text Size menu option
3. Select your preferred size (largest, larger, medium, small, smallest)
4. The new font size will be applied to the City of West Torrens site


1. Select Tools from the menu bar
2. Click on Options
3. Click on the Content tab
4. Change the font to your preferred size and click OK

Google Chrome

1. Select the tools option in the top right hand corner of the browser window.
2. Choose the zoom option on the drop down menu
3. Use the – and + buttons to increase or decrease the font size


1. Select the View menu.
2. Select  Make Text Bigger or Make Text Smaller to change the font size

To set a larger text size for all pages:

1. Select the Safari menu.
2. Click on Preferences or press Apple.
3. Click on the Appearance' icon
4. Click on Select next to Standard font: box This will bring up the Fonts window
5. Click on font size you want under the Sizes heading
6. Use in the font size you want and then press Enter
7. Use or press Esc to exit the standard font box
8. Use or press Esc to exit the Appearance window