We provide a 240 litre green organic bin for household organic waste.

This bin is emptied from the kerb in front of your home on the same day as your red lid bin once every two weeks.




Only place items that can be composted in your organics bin. 'If it didn't grow it doesn't go'.


You can use your green bin for:

  • cut flowers
  • hair - human and pet
  • lawn clippings
  • leaves
  • nappies - compostable only
  • pet poo
  • prunings
  • small branches up to 15cm wide x 60cm long
  • twigs
  • weeds.

You can also place food waste in this bin including:

  • cake
  • cheese and yoghurt
  • coffee grounds
  • bread
  • egg shells, oyster shells and nut shells
  • fruit
  • hair
  • meat scraps and bones: cooked or raw
  • paper: shredded paper, tissues, paper towels
  • pizza boxes: heavily soiled
  • seafood: cooked or raw
  • teabags
  • takeaway foods
  • vegetable scraps.


What you can't put in your organics binThe organics bin cannot be used for:

  • bricks
  • dirt, sand or soil
  • garden and other tools 
  • household waste 
  • irrigation hoses
  • nappies - note: only those that can be composted can be placed in your organics bin
  • painted or treated timber
  • plant pots and trays
  • plastic of any kind
  • rocks and stones.


Missed collections, damaged bins and new bins

Contact the Waste Enquiry Line on 8295 5077 between 7am and 6pm if:

  • your bin is damaged
  • your bin was not emptied when put out for collection or
  • there are no bins at the property when you move in.

Find out more about putting your bin out.


Bin ownership

Bins are the property of Council and should not be removed if you relocate or sell your home. 

If the property is being demolished, contact Council on 8416 6333 to arrange for the bins to be collected. 


Missing bins 

If your bin is missing complete the online form


More information

Email the Service Centre or call 8416 6333


Solo Resource Recovery

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North Plympton SA 5037
Phone 8295 5077
Email Solo Resource Recovery

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