Hard waste

Residents are entitled to two at call (booked) collections per household per financial year. Collections will be on the day following the kerbside bin collection for the area. 

The average waiting time is a fortnight from the date of booking but will vary according to the demand.  The wait may be longer in Spring and early Summer and less in the cooler months.

Owners or occupiers of a residential property are also entitled to a free voucher to dispose of a 6 x 4 trailer load or equivalent of waste. A waste voucher is ideal for items that are not accepted in a hard waste collection e.g. building materials, cardboard and grass clippings. For more information see free waste disposal voucher. 

To book a collection

  • Phone Solo Resource Recovery on 8295 5077 during office hours Monday to Friday (7am - 6 pm)

  • Online form

  • Older residents and those with disability who are unable to arrange for family or friends to place items out for collection should phone Home Assist on 8416 6251.

Prior to your collection date, you will be receive:

Collection guidelines

  • A limit of 2 cubic metres (2m x 1m x 1m) per household applies.
    hard waste graphic.jpg

  • The length of items must not exceed 2 metres.   

  • Items must be placed on the verge before 7am on your collection day.

  • It is recommended that items be placed on the verge no earlier than a day before your collection date to avoid items being added to the collection by others.

  • Place the label provided to you with your booking confirmation on a clearly visible item facing the street when placing items out for collection.

  • Place your waste as close to the kerb as possible in a safe and secure manner, clear of the footpath or road e.g. lay taller items down, do not stack items too high. 

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the waste is maintained safely until collection, even if it is disturbed by others.

  • General waste items must be able to be handled safely by two people.

  • Bags or boxes must be strong enough so that they do not break open when lifted.

  • Items placed on the verge without a confirmed booking or earlier than the weekend before the scheduled collection date may incur an illegal dumping fine.

  • Download the 2017 Hard waste service guidelines pdf (1MB)

Items that will be collected

  • * Fridges and freezers (for safety reasons doors must be removed)

  • * Whitegoods - e.g. washing machines, dryers and stoves

  • * Electronic and electrical appliances - including TVs and computers

  • * Hot water services and air conditioners

  • Furniture

  • Bedding

  • * Mattresses - limit of 2

  • Floor coverings and window treatments - up to 2m lengths

  • * Metal - e.g. sheets of iron and guttering - up to 2m lengths

  • Timber up to 2 metres in length

  • Tree pruning's tied up in bundles (max 30cm diameter) - up to 2m lengths

  • Pottery and crockery

  • Unbroken glass, mirrors and shower screens

  • Lawnmowers (empty of oil and petrol)

  • Bicycles and toys

  • Tools and gardening equipment

* A separate truck will collect these items for recycling purposes

Items that will NOT be collected

  • Liquid waste - e.g. motor or cooking oil, chemicals

  • Cans containing paint

  • Car bodies, vehicle parts, panels, and tyres

  • Vehicle batteries

  • Asbestos

  • Concrete, bricks, rocks, dirt, cement sheeting, plasterboard and other building materials

  • Ceramics - e.g. toilets, basins and baths

  • Ammunition, explosives and flares

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Gas bottles

  • Wooden pallets

  • Hazardous waste items as defined under the Environment Protection Act

  • Business waste

  • Items for disposal in kerbside bins:

    • Domestic recyclables such as bottles, cans, cardboard

    • Green organics - grass clippings, weeds

    • General household waste

What happens to the items after collection?

Council's hard waste collection service focusses on: 

  • resource recovery, mainly by recycling, and

  • diverting material from landfill where possible due to the cost of landfilling.  Some items are banned from landfill eg whitegoods, TVs, computer monitors and household appliances.

Council's collection contractor uses several different waste collection vehicles according to where the materials collected will be sent for recycling.  Items such as e-waste, metals, whitegoods and mattresses are generally collected separately from other waste.  

E-waste (anything with a battery or a power cord) is sent to an e-waste recycler (Electronic Recycling Australia, Underdale.) for disassembly and ultimate recycling of the various component materials.  E-waste contains non-renewable resources and some items contain hazardous materials which is why this material is banned from landfill.  Around 95 per cent of the materials used to make these products can be recycled! 

Mattresses are stripped to recover the metal springs for reprocessing.

Other hard waste is collected by a rear loading compactor truck. The contents are sorted mechanically at Solo Resource Recovery to remove wood (which is recycled through Peats Soil and Garden Supplies) and metal (which is forwarded to Sims Metals).

The residual items from the collection do not end up in landfill, but are sent to and Waste to Energy site at Wingfield (Sita ResourceCo Alternative Fuels) where further separation of the materials occurs.  Materials such as plastic which have a significant calorific value are then processed into fuel (processed engineered fuel/PEF).  The PEF is used to generate power at the Adelaide Brighton Cement kilns at Ottoway and reduces the facility's need for natural gas by about 20 per cent.

Between 5 - 10 per cent of the hard waste collected is sent to landfill as there is no alternative available.  The great news is that around 95 per cent is able to be recycled or reprocessed!


Other options for hard waste disposal


Free waste disposal voucher

We offer a voucher for free waste disposal at
Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre at 181 Morphett Road, North Plympton.

The voucher is limited to one free waste disposal per property per financial year for a 6 x 4 trailer load or equivalent of waste.

Collect your voucher from the Civic Centre. Proof of residency or ownership is required.  A voucher is valid for one month from the date of issue.


Waste transfer stations

Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre at Plympton

181 Morphett Road, North Plympton

Takes electronic and electrical items free of charge from residents.

You will need proof of residence for items other than TVs and computer equipment.

Find out the opening times and costs.

Find out more about disposing of your electronic and electrical waste.

Metro Waste Services
19 to 25 Murray Street, Thebarton

Go to the Metro Waste Services web site for opening times and costs.


Recycle or donate

If you have unwanted items in good condition you can:

  • give them to a *not-for-profit organisation (charity or Op Shop)

  • place them on your property with a sign offering them for free

  • contact a business that recycles the items.

*To locate local not-for-profit organisations, download a copy of Council's Community Directory or pick up a copy from the Hamra Centre Library, 1 Brooker Terrace, Hilton.

Placing items outside of your property without a hard waste booking is illegal.


Illegal dumping

Please note:

Placing items outside your property earlier than the weekend prior to your scheduled collection may incur a fine:

Find out more about illegal dumping.

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