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What day your household waste is collected


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Putting your bins out

Follow these guidelines to make sure your bins are emptied on collection day:

  • Put your bins out by 6am on collection day
  • Face each bin towards the road - wheels towards the house
  • Place bins at least 30 cms apart
  • Place bins 1 metre from parked cars, trees, stobie poles and letter boxes
  • Place the right items in the right bin
  • Be sure your waste is not packed too tightly
  • Keep the weight under 50kg
  • Don't overfill – the lid must be able to close
  • Bring your bins in within 24 hours of collection.


Two bins palced 30cm apart and a car parked one metre before the first bin and a tree one metre after the second bin


Missed collections, damaged bins and new bins

Contact the Waste Enquiry Line on 8295 5077 between 7am and 6pm if:

  • your bin is damaged
  • your bin was not emptied when put out for collection or

  • there are no bins at the property when you move in.


Missing bins 

If your bin is missing complete the online form.


Bin ownership

Bins are the property of Council and should not be removed if you relocate or sell your home. 


Property redevelopment 

If the property is being demolished, contact Council on 8416 6333 to arrange for the bins which feature Council's logo to be collected. They will be returned to the property once it is occupied. Bins with no logo are to remain at the property.


More information

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