'Follow your waste line' tours

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Have you ever wondered what happens to your waste, recyclables and organic materials once they are collected from your kerb?  You can find out on one of our FREE community tours for West Torrens' residents. 

Tours are scheduled during April/May and October/November each year. Each tour runs from 9.30am - 4pm.

To find out more contact Margaret on 8416 6333 or email msteuart@wtcc.sa.gov.au.


Sites include:

Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre, North Plympton 

Recyclables, organics and waste material from kerbside collections are delivered to the waste transfer facility here before being transferred to a resource recovery facility or landfill, as the case may be. 


VISY Recycling, Wingfield

Recyclables are sent to VISY Recycling's Material Recovery Facility at Wingfield where they are sorted and separated manually and by machine, then baled for transport to reprocessing facilities.


Jeffries Group, Wingfield

Although our kerbside organics are composted by Peats Soils at Brinkley 60kmsoutheast of Adelaide, the Wingfield Waste and Recycling Centre includes the transfer station for the Jeffries Group.  As we are in the vicinity, we take the chance to see the first stage in the collection and processing of organic materials at a composting facility.


SUEZ-ResourceCo Alternative Fuels, Wingfield

Materials from commercial and industrial collections and construction and demolition collections are sorted for recycling or reprocessing at this site.  The materials comprise timber, metals, plastics, cardboard and paper as well as concrete, bricks and rubble.  The combustible portion of these material streams is processed into fuel (Processed Engineered Fuel) which is used to generate power at Adelaide Brighton Cement at Ottoway.

Material from Council's hard waste collection service that would otherwise go to land fill is processed at this site.


Adelaide Resource Recovery, Wingfield

ARR recycles bitumen, concrete and mixed construction & demolition waste as well as soils. After its comprehensive resource recovery process, ARR sells a range of recycled quarry materials to building, civil and engineering operations throughout SA.  For example, recycled rubble in the laying of stable foundations for buildings and for major civil engineering projects that require well-compacted bases for new roads and bridges.


Electronic Recycling Australia (formerly Aspitech), Underdale

Electronic and electrical items are manually dis-assembled for recycling. The site processes some of the e-waste collected from residents in South Australia.  ERA run the 'Unplug N' Drop' e-waste recycling stations in the community.


To book or register your interest in participating, contact Margaret on 8416 6333 or email msteuart@wtcc.sa.gov.au.


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