Waste & recycling

A-Z guide to waste and recycling

Search our list of items to find out how to recycle them

Electronic & electrical waste

How to dispose of your electronic and electrical waste.

Food waste recycling

How to compost household food waste and improve your garden.
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'Follow your waste line' tours

Free waste and recycling community tours for West Torrens' residents.
Hard waste

Hard waste

How to dispose of hard waste items.

Hazardous household waste

About how to dispose of hazardous household waste.

Illegal dumping

What to do if you know something about illegal dumping going on in your neighbourhood.


About our fortnightly collection for household organic waste and what can be placed in the organics bin.

Putting your bin out

How and where to put your bin out for collection and what to do if there’s a problem.


Our fortnightly collection of recycling items and what can be recycled.

Videos: Recycling & Organics bins

Watch what happens to recycling and organics after they're collected from your kerb.

Waste to landfill

Information about weekly collection of household landfill waste.

Waste & recycling games

Interactive waste games for kids about recycling and how to be bin smart.

West Waste Mobile App

Mobile App that lets residents see when your next bin collection day is and get a reminder the night before or morning of collection.

WTAlerts trial - Free SMS bin reminders direct to any mobile phone

Free SMS alerts delivered to your mobile to remind you to take out the bin