Wind power

Wind is a valuable resource which could become part of the solution to reducing greenhouse gases.

No other renewable technology has progressed as far as wind power in Australia.


Wind farm facts

  • There are 2124 Megawatts of wind turbines on a number of wind farms in Australia
  • 54 percent are in South Australia.
  • 20 percent of the total energy demand in South Australia comes from wind energy produced by 16 wind farms.
  • That’s enough energy to power roughly 504,650 homes.
  • Using wind power has reduced South Australia greenhouse gases by 3,583,015 tonnes.

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Advantage of wind power

Unlike other forms of renewable energies wind power can be generated at any time of the day.


Residential mini turbines

Large wind turbines used on commercial scale windfarms are not appropriate in built up areas.

Mini turbines are being trialed at West Beach to determine their effectiveness.

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