Reducing your energy bills

How saving energy will help save the planet

The energy we consume emits greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases heat the planet by acting as a layer that retains the sun’s heat inside our atmosphere.

Energy generation and use, accounts for up to 70 per cent of Australia’s green house gas emissions. Therefore reducing energy consumption is crucial to reducing greenhouse gases.


Ways to reduce the amount of energy you use

To reduce your energy consumption and your energy bills consider the following:


Home energy audit

Undertake an energy audit of your home.

Find out more about home energy audits.


Compare energy ratings

Compare the energy use per appliance this can be done by using a power consumption meter, or can commonly be found under product specifications.
Find out more about energy ratings.


Assess your appliances and how you use energy could changed

Find out more about using energy smarter.
Find out more about being resource smart.


Rebates and incentives

Check to see if there are rebates available to make the transition to using alternative easier.
Find out more about rebates


Consider alternative energy sources

Investigate ways of using other forms of energy to reduce your energy bill, like solar energy.

Find out about using solar energy.

Find out about the Solar Council's program.


Vehicle and vehicle use

Look at your vehicle and the way you use it.
Find out more about using your vehicle smarter.

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