Adapt West

Published on Wednesday 16 December 2015

people walking zebra crossing

The City of West Torrens, in conjunction with the Cities of Port Adelaide Enfield and Charles Sturt is undertaking the Adapt West project.

The project is being undertaken in four stages to identify the risks and opportunities associated with climate change, and develop a plan that will assist the community, government and other agencies across the Western Adelaide Region adapt to climate change.

Earlier this year, a series of workshops were held with local community representatives, Elected Members and a range of professionals with a broad range of expertise to explore key 'indicators' and issues across the region.  These indicators were identified through research papers at an earlier stage of the project, and helped to inform key areas of focus.

The workshops looked at how a changing climate in the future may impact on vulnerable members of the community, key environmental and coastal assets, as well as economic activities and assets.  A summary of the findings as part of this stage of the project are been provided in the Integrated Vulnerability Assessment Report.

Results of the assessment will inform the next stage of the project, which is to develop a range of adaptation options and activities to effectively manage the risks and effects of climate change, and ensure the resilience and sustainability of our region into the future.

Click here to download a copy of the Integrated Vulnerability Assessment Report. pdf (2MB)