Urban greening

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Urban greening includes numerous forms of green cover, such as trees, shrubs and grass. It plays an important role in community health, ecosystem function and economic activity. The amount of urban greening is at risk of decline, mainly due to population growth, changing housing trends and infill development and the effects of climate change.

We've analysed land cover across the West Torrens area to better understand the amount and types of green cover (trees, shrubs and grass/bare earth) versus hard surfaces, changes experienced over time, and opportunities to protect and increase plantings. The study, 'Analysis of Green Cover' provides useful baseline information that can be used to measure changes in green cover and hard surfaces over time. 

We acknowledge the important role urban vegetation plays in providing a mix of social, economic and environmental benefits for the community and we continue to seek opportunities to add more greening and undergo other initiatives aimed at shading and cooling West Torrens. These are outlined in the report 'Actions to Improve Green Cover'.