Sale of assets

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We may sell or dispose of assets through the following methods:

  • direct sale through public advertisement
  • public auction
  • invitation to tender (select or open)
  • donation to community groups and/or charitable institutions
  • vehicle trade or sale in arrangements consistent with Council’s Fleet Management Administration Policy
  • disposal to waste.


Council may sell or dispose of land through the following methods:

  • direct purchase
  • verbal quotations
  • written quotations
  • select invitation to tender
  • open invitation to tender.


When selling assets or land we may need to consider:

  • the number of known potential purchases
  • original intention for the use of the asset or land when purchased
  • current and possible preferred future use of the asset or land
  • opportunity to promote local economic growth and development
  • total estimated value of the sale
  • compliance with statutory and other obligations
  • urgency of the sale or disposal
  • condition of the asset(s)
  • cost of the sale against the value or return of the asset(s).

More information

Sale and disposal of assets policy

Email the Service Centre or contact 8416 6333.