Reconciliation Statement

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As part of the national reconciliation process, the City of West Torrens has adopted the following statement to acknowledge the past and look forward to a future that fully embraces all Australians.

On 15 July 2008, the City of West Torrens committed to this Reconciliation Statement.


Council values and acknowledges the:

  • Kaurna people as the original occupants and custodians of the Adelaide Plains, which were settled by Europeans without treaty or consent
  • history, customs and traditions of Indigenous Australians and their spiritual relationship with the land
  • loss and grief experienced by Indigenous Australians caused by alienation from traditional lands, loss of lives and freedom, and the forced removal of children
  • importance of maintaining the beliefs and values of Indigenous Australians to enrich and strengthen the Australian heritage
  • right of Indigenous Australians to live according to their own beliefs, values and customs, and the vital importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples contribution to strengthening and enriching the heritage of all Australians.


Council supports:

  • a united Australia which respects this land of ours; values the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage; and provides justice and equity for all
  • a partnership approach with Indigenous Australians as part of addressing the needs of whole communities throughout Australia
  • all Australians working together for a national Treaty or other instrument of reconciliation
  • the provision of culturally appropriate services and programs for all Australians.


Council commits to:

  • maintaining a culturally diverse, tolerant and open society
  • taking effective action on issues of social and economic concern within the responsibility of local government
  • developing strategies that improve the level of participation of Indigenous Australians in local government
  • developing and promoting Indigenous Australians' involvement in events and celebrations of significance respecting the dignity and protocols of the local Indigenous community
  • participating in education processes which enhance the increased knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Indigenous Australians
  • assisting Aboriginal Communities with the identification, protection, and promotion (where appropriate) of local sites of cultural significance
  • working with the State and Federal Governments and Aboriginal Communities to resolve Native Title Claims through negotiation in preference to litigation.

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In the true spirit of reconciliation, Council trusts that our community will now move towards a future filled with confidence that together we will write a new chapter in our local history.

Hon. John Trainer, Mayor City of West Torrens in 2008, signed the Statement of Reconciliation on 15 July 2008 in the presence of Mr Lewis O'Brien, Kaurna elder.