Coastal Path e-Scooters


E-scooters are available for hire from West Beach to Outer Harbor. 

This is part of a trial being undertaken between the Cities of West Torrens, Port Adelaide Enfield and Charles Sturt. The trial, which was initially for six months, has been extended until 31 October 2022.

E-scooters enable tourists and locals alike to ride along the coastal path and nearby streets in the three council areas as a fun, easy to access and environmentally friendly alternative to driving. They are a great way to get out and explore Adelaide’s coastal areas for both locals and tourists.

When can you ride?

  • Providers Neuron Mobility and Beam operate up to 250 e-scooters along the foreshore.
  • They are permitted to operate from 6am - 9pm during daylight saving and from 6am - 6pm during non-daylight saving periods, seven days per week.


$0.38c per minute

Speed restrictions

  • Designated parking areas and go-slow zones have been identified, with scooters automatically restricted to 10km/hr in these areas. All other areas have a speed restriction of 15km/h.
  • Clear signage is provided along the route with footpath stickers designating geofenced go-slow zones and parking areas where users can disengage from their ride while remaining upright and ensuring scooters are parked correctly.


  • Despite the reduced COVID-19 risks in South Australia, both scooter providers have teams on hand to continually sanitise and keep e-scooters germ-free using hospital grade disinfectant, designed and approved to kill a broad range of bacteria and viruses including COVID-19.
  • Sanitisation will take place during daily maintenance, deployment and battery swapping.
  • The companies do, however, recommend that all riders continue to sanitise their hands before and after touching foreign surfaces, including the e-scooters and if you feel unwell, don't take a trip.

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