Mendelson scholarships

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The Mendelson Scholarship program is an undergraduate scholarship scheme offered through the Max and Bette Mendelson Foundation.

Value and number of scholarships offered

Each year we determine the number and value of scholarships awarded on the advice of the Management Committee of the Max and Bette Mendelson Foundation.


Applications for the 2022 Scholarship program are now open; applications must be received by Friday 15 July 2022.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an Australian citizen.

  • Have been a resident of West Torrens for at least three years on 1 March in the year of application.

  • Have qualified and been accepted to undertake undergraduate studies in a degree course in any field at any university in South Australia.

  • For the academic year in the year of application, be a full-time student as defined by the university.

  • If you are a continuing student, you must have completed full-time study for the academic year prior to the year of application as defined by the university for that year.

You MUST attach a separate personal statement in support of your application. If you consider that you have any particular special need for assistance, please include details with your statement.

You will be notified about the success of your application.

Scholarship presentation ceremony

Providing no COVID-19 restrictions are in place, a Max and Bette Mendelson Foundation scholarship presentation ceremony may be held for successful applicants and guests. 

Mendelson scholars are presented with a cheque, a certificate and a medallion.

More information

Email Kathleen Allen or contact 8416 6333.

Max and Bette Mendelson

Max and Bette Mendelson lived at Seaton in the early 1990s.

The couple had no children and decided to establish an educational scholarship fund for local university students.

In 1994 the couple made wills stating that the residue of their estate would pass onto the City of West Torrens for a university scholarship scheme.

The City of West Torrens had begun a university scholarship scheme a few years earlier in 1992. Due to limited funding, the scheme was only able to award scholarships to three students.

Max Mendelson passed away in 1994, with his wife Bette following him in 1995.

Before her death, Bette and the City of West Torrens established the Max and Bette Mendelson Foundation.  The Foundation’s purpose is to promote education at universities in South Australia.

After Bette's death the City of West Torrens was paid the residue of her estate.

Since this time the City of West Torrens has awarded scholarships to students studying at South Australian universities in the Mendelson's honour.

Scholarship money is derived from income of the trust fund and from the City of West Torrens, in its corporate capacity.