An outbuilding is any building associated with a dwelling including aviaries, garages, gazebos, and sheds.


Development approval for outbuildings

You need development approval to build or alter any outbuildings if any of the following applies:

  • the building is listed as a heritage place
  • the site is located in a flood prone area as outlined in the West Torrens Council Development Plan
  • it will be attached to another building
  • the total floor area will exceed:
    a) 15 square metres if the site is not in a Historic Conservation Area
    b) 10 square metres if site is located in a Historic Conservation Area
  • any span will be greater than three meters and
  • any part will be higher than 2.5 metres above the natural surface of the ground
  • any part of the outbuilding will be closer to the primary street than any part of the dwelling
  • any part of the outbuilding will be within 900 millimetres of the boundary of the land with the secondary street.

If none of the above applies to your outbuilding you don’t need development approval.


Set backs and clearances

We recommend that all outbuildings are set back a minimum of 600mm from the boundary or other structures so that leaf litter and debris can be easily removed.

This helps to keep the area clean and avoid problems such as rats and mice.


If you're not sure if your property is a heritage place or in a flood prone area

Contact us if you’re unsure if your property is:

  • a state heritage place
  • a local heritage place
  • located in a Historic Conservation Area
  • in a flood prone area.


Applying for development approval

When you are ready to apply for development approval for an outbuilding go to the How to apply page for instructions.

Download the Residential development checklist for information about what you need to submit with your application pdf (90KB).


More information

Email the City Development Team or call 8416 6333
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

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