Housing Diversity Development Plan Amendment


How our suburbs look and feel is not just something that happens; it's something that's planned.

Planning how we live, work and play is an important part of what council does and planning controls are necessary to help guide the way our region and suburbs develop.

These planning controls are set out in council's Development Plan. Each council has a Development Plan which provides guidelines that are considered any time a new development is proposed.

By law, Development Plans must be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they still meet the needs of the community and the greater South Australian population. When a Development Plan is reviewed and approved by the local council, it then has to be approved by the Minister for Planning to ensure that it reflects the State Government's planning policy, including the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide.


Council's Development Plan has recently changed

In 2009 the City of West Torrens initiated a Housing Diversity Development Plan Amendment (DPA) in order to update its existing Development Plan. The DPA focussed on:

  • broadening the range of housing options in the local area to meet the needs of residents now and into the future; and;
  • aligning with the strategies in the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide.

The DPA proposed to:

  • introduce new character policy areas to better protect those parts of the city which have a desirable, established residential character; and;
  • change the future form and character of some parts of West Torrens by identifying areas suitable for medium and high density housing, as well as mixed use development.


Previous consultation

Between December 2012 and February 2013, Council consulted with the community on proposed changes to its Development Plan via the Housing Diversity DPA. More than 300 submissions were received during this time.

As a result, Council considered the submissions from the public and government agencies, as well as staff recommendations, and made a number of changes to the DPA.

The DPA has now been approved by the Minister for Planning. 

The main changes include:

  • An updated Residential Zone that contains provisions regarding urban areas, suburban areas, character areas and historic conservation areas.
  • A new Urban Corridor Zone applicable to portions of Port Road, ANZAC Highway, and Henley Beach Road. This zone envisages mixed use (residential, commercial, retail) development, with a distinctive built-form appearance for each included road through policy that outlines the overall scale of development, types of land use and appearance of buildings.

The major affected areas have been extracted from the Development Plan or the whole plan can be viewed via the link above.


The New Policy

As a result of the Housing Diversity DPA the City of West Torrens Development Plan now includes a range of policy areas that envisage residential development of different densities. These policy areas can be broadly grouped as follows:

  • Conservation Areas
  • Character Areas
  • Low Density and Medium Density policy areas
  • as well as policy areas in the Urban Corridor Zone that support mixed use development.

The various policy fact sheets can be viewed here.These fact sheets give an overview of the policy areas. Information contained within these fact sheets is advisory and provided as a general guide to give an understanding of the key issues that apply in the relevant policy area. For full details of policy that affects proposed development you should consult the Development Plan as the statutory document.


For further information

Queries regarding specific properties

Telephone: 8416 6333

Email: development@wtcc.sa.gov.au

In person: A council planner is available to meet with the public Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am - 5pm at 165 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Hilton.

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