About policy planning

Policy planning ensures that the use and development of land and buildings in our city are in keeping with community expectations and state planning strategies.


Development Plan

The Council Development Plan sets out how land is used and developed. The plan provides the rules for assessing development applications.

It is kept up to date to with development trends, attitudes, expectations and changing community needs.

View the Development Plan.


What it means for you

When you submit a development application to us it’s assessed against the Development Plan. The policies set out in the plan determine if your proposal will be successful or not.

Find out if development approval is required

Find about more about development assessment.


Changing the Development Plan

Changes to our Development Plan are made through a process called a Development Plan Amendment (DPA). The DPA process is usually initiated by Council. It can also be initiated by the State Government minister responsible for planning.

The process can take eight months to two years to complete. It includes investigations and a two month public consultation period. 

The most recent update to the City of West Torrens Development Plan was in 2016.


Have your say about changes to the Development Plan

You are invited to make a written submission during the two month consultation period after commencement of the DPA process. Notice of an upcoming consultation period is advertised on this site and in local media including:

  • South Australian Government Gazette
  • The Advertiser
  • CoastCity Messenger
  • Westside Weekly Messenger.

You can also request a Public Meeting and make a verbal submission to Council's Elected Members.  Public Meetings are held after the consultation period.

All written and verbal submissions are considered so it can be determined whether changes to the DPA are warranted.

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