Home activity

Home activity is any business run by the resident of a property. The business must comply with strict guidelines set out in the Development Regulations 2008. It must not have any detrimental affects on the local area at any time.


Home activity guildelines

The home activity must not involve or require any of the following:

  • more than one person who isn’t resident at the site, helping with the business 
  • using more than 30m² of floor space, either temporarily or permanently 
  • displaying goods in a window,
  • using more power, water and other utility services than normally used by other homes in the area
  • using of a vehicle weighing more than three tonne tare.


Is development approval required?

You will need development approval if the home activity does not comply with the home activity guidelines.

Find out how to apply for approval.


What types of activity may cause a problem?

Activities that may cause a problem for the surrounding area may include businesses that:

  • create repeated, prolonged or loud noise
  • operate outside normal working hours
  • carry out activities that produce smoke, smells, fumes, dust
  • increase traffic in the street from delivery vehicles or customer parking.


What is not a home activity?

The following activities are not considered to be home activities.

  • mechanical repairs
  • panel beating
  • spray-painting
  • activities that involve noisy machinery.


Food businesses

Check with Council’s Public Health Section regarding your legal requirements under the Food Act and associated regulations and standards for activities that involve food:

  • manufacture
  • preparation
  • transportation
  • storage.

What happens if I don’t comply?

If you don't comply with any of the criteria for the operation of a home business, you will need to make a development application to the Council. This will be assessed against the Development Plan.

Council’s approval is not assured and the application may be placed on public notification and/or referred to other relevant agencies.


Notifying Council

If your business complies with the above definition of home activity you do not require development approval.

However, we recommend that you write to us to advise that you that you are operating a business from home and:

  • provide details of the business.
  • address each of the mandatory requirements of a home activity.

We will then acknowledge the operation of your business.

If your business changes, it is recommended that you advise us in writing, or lodge an application if it no longer complies.

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