Section 12 certificates

Before buying or selling a house you need to get a Section 12 Certificate. This is required under the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act.

The certificate provides information about:

  • the zoning of the subject property
  • any approvals granted for the property
  • any outstanding notices or orders
  • special provisions such as if the property is heritage listed or prone to flooding.


Getting a certificate

We can provide a Section 12 Certificate when you supply us with the following information for the property you’re buying or selling:

  • the name of the person or company requesting the search (e.g. the applicant)
  • applicant contact details
  • property address
  • a copy of the Certificate of Title for the property
  • fee payment.

Note: it’s important to provide all the required information as incomplete applications are returned unprocessed.


Fees as from 1st July 2017

For each Certificate of Title search


Within one (1) business day


Within eight (8) business days


NOTE: if there is more than one Certificate of Title attached to the property being searched this fee will be charged for each individual Certificate of Title.



For a search relating to one (1) strata unit/community lot


For a search relating to two (2) strata units/community lots on the same strata/community plan


For a search relating to three (3) or more strata units/community lots on the same strata/community plan



Rates search (independent of Section 7 and 12 Property Search)



More information

Email a Development Assistant or phone 8416 6333, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.