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In mid 2016, Council was informed that OPAL funding through SA Health would not be continuing.

Despite that funding cut, Council will continue the health and well-being program in West Torrens.

For more than five years officers have helped educate local families about the importance of healthy eating and having an active lifestyle. During those years all departments of Council have been consulted and engaged in regard to how their key operations could include healthy lifestyle options.

From designing playgrounds with nature play elements to installing more drinking fountains along shared paths and near playgrounds, OPAL officers have worked with Council to ensure that infrastructure and processes are in place to underpin the healthy lifestyle message.

While OPAL will continue to target families and those aged 0 - 18 years, we're also going to expand this demographic to include all ages within the West Torrens community.

Download the OPAL community highlights brochure pdf (4MB)

Current theme - Make it a Fresh Snack


What is OPAL? 

OPAL is a healthy lifestyle initiative which aims to improve the eating and activity patterns of children and families. OPAL works with organisations such as schools, sporting clubs, health services, community groups and private businesses to help make the healthy choice the easy choice. This may mean making better use of existing programs and facilities or developing new ones that meet the needs of the community to support healthy lifestyles.

OPAL’s goals

  • increase active travel
  • increase active leisure
  • increase the use of public parks and spaces
  • improve home meals
  • increase healthy food at outlets
  • increase access to local produce.

There are many good reasons for OPAL

Children and families who are regularly active and choose healthy eating are likely to enjoy many benefits. Some of these are:

  • a lower risk of diabetes heart disease
  • a lower risk of high blood cholesterol
  • a lower risk of high blood pressure
  • a lower risk of some forms of cancer
  • stronger bones
  • ability to manage stress better
  • improved confidence
  • more energy
  • better sleep.

More information

Contact our OPAL Program Officer on 8416 6276.

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