Bees, wasps & mosquitoes


If you find bees nesting on your property please contact a qualified pest control agent, an Apiarist or the South Australian Bee Keepers Society.

We are not able to destroy bees.


Keeping bees

Bee keeping is legal but we can order them removed if they become a nuisance, a health and safety hazard or dangerous to others.

If you keep bees in South Australia you must hold an Apiarists license.

Contact the Department of Primary Industries and Resources SA (PIRSA) to apply for a licence.


European wasps

If you find a European wasp nest we can destroy it at no charge but you must find the nest first.

Email the Service Centre or telephone 8416 6333.


Locating the nest

If you see several European wasps on your property it’s likely that there’s a nest close by.

For signs of a nest check:

  • holes in the ground
  • hollows of trees
  • vents in the outside of buildings
  • eaves of your house
  • holes between bricks
  • undisturbed areas.

You probably won't be able to see the nest itself. What you will see is large numbers of wasps flying in and out of the hole.

If you can’t find the nest on your property ask your neighbours to check their properties.

If you find a nest contact us immediately. Do not try to disturb or destroy the wasp nest yourself.

Find out more about European Wasps and how to identify them.



Mosquitoes need to be controlled to protect the community from mosquito related disease.  We help to do this is by:

  • inspecting potential problem areas
  • providing advice to help control and eliminate breeding sites.


More information

Email the Service Centre or call 8416 6333.

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