Fees & charges

Book sales

Fees are determined and authorised by the Manager Community Services.

Current sale prices are $0.10 minimum and $15.00 maximum. On occasions an item may be offered at more than $15.00 if appropriate.


USB memory sticks

Cost recovery.



Local : $1.50 per page

STD : $3.00 first page, $1.50 additional pages

ISDN : $6.00 first page, $2.00 additional pages

Receiving faxes : $1.00 per page



A3 (297x420mm) : $5.50

A4 (210x297mm) : $4.50

Card (95x65mm) : $2.50


Overdue fees

Overdue items : $0.20* to $5.00

* $0.20 cents per day, per item cumulative to maximum of $5.00 per renewal period for each item


Replacement fees

Items 28 days overdue are classified as lost items. Replacement cost of item is charged.

Cost is based on average book price issued by Public Library Services plus a processing fee of $5.00 to a maximum of $10.00 depending on the category of the item.


Replacement membership card



Photocopying, printing and scanning


Colour : $1.00 per A4 page, $2.00 per A3 page
Black and white : $0.20 per page, $0.40 per A3 page



Colour : $1.00 per A4 page, $2.00 per A3 page
Black and white : $0.20 per page, $0.40 per A3 page





Room hire

Please contact the Library Administration Officer about fees for the hire of the IT Suite and/or Library Meeting Room.


Special programs and functions

A fee is sometimes charged for special functions and programs offered through the library. Prices vary according to the costs incurred by the Library and are determined and authorised by the Manager Community Services.


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