Procurement - Requests for quotes & tendering

How we purchase

Products and services are procured through the following methods:

  • direct purchase
  • verbal quotations
  • written quotations
  • select invitation to tender
  • open invitation to tender.

In procuring products and services we aim to:

  • obtain value in the expenditure of public money
  • provide for ethical and fair treatment of participants
  • ensure probity, accountability and transparency in procurement operations
  • ensure services are delivered cost effectively
  • consider local goods and services
  • identify circumstances where Council could call for tender.

These apply to tenders for the supply of goods, the provision of services or the carrying out of works. 

A copy of Council's Procurement Policy is available here. pdf (246KB)


Advertising open tenders

We use SA Tenders & Contracts when calling for open tenders. Open tenders are also displayed in the Advertiser. Where practical tenders are distributed in electronic form.

Tenders SA website link




Selective tenders and Requests for Quotes (RFQ)s

Council uses an eProcurement process called 'VendorPanel' to communicate opportunities to suppliers for both panel contract arrangements and where no panel or preferred supplier arrangements exist.

Competitive RFQs under Council's panel arrangements are managed through VendorPanel and suppliers that are appointed to Council panels are required to register in VendorPanel.

The open market component is called VendorPanel Marketplace and all suppliers registered are made available to Council staff to invite for quotes for required goods and services where there are no panel or preferred supplier arrangements in place.

To find out what panels and preferred supplier arrangements are in place, email the Procurement Team or phone (08) 8416 6333 during business hours.

The system is easy to use and free for suppliers to register. It only take five minutes to ensure your business details are added to VendorPanel Marketplace. You can register your business below.

Register for Vendor Panel here


More information

Phone (08) 8416 6333, email the Procurement Team.

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