Time to microchip your pet

Published on Tuesday 13 February 2018

dog and cat 735px.jpg

From 1 July 2018 it will be compulsory for:

  • All dogs and cats over a certain age to be microchipped.
  • All new generations of dogs and cats (born after 1 July 2018) to be desexed. (Exemptions apply for working dogs, registered breeders etc.

These changes are designed to increase the likelihood of lost or impounded dogs and cats being reunited with their owners and reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned litters euthanised in pounds and shelters.

To help owners in microchipping their pets, a microchip day will be held in early June. 

Please check back to our website or on social media for more information as it becomes available.

More information about changes to animal management laws.

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