Council depot on the move

Published on Monday 07 August 2017

The City of West Torrens' City Works depot is hoping to move to bigger and better premises in the near future following the signing of a contract to acquire a new site at Morphett Road, North Plympton.

The site, at 240 - 280 Morphett Road, was previously the home of Manuele Engineers and is on Commonwealth Government (Adelaide Airport Limited - AAL) land.

Council Chief Executive Officer Terry Buss said the proposed move would enable Council to streamline its works services to the community as the current depot had become too small for its intended purpose.

"Over the years as the West Torrens' population and housing has increased, more demand has been placed upon Council for services, especially the core, everyday services that our City Works' officers provide," Mr Buss said. "Unfortunately, there just hasn't been the physical room for us to expand.

"The current depot on Marion Road at West Richmond is very limited for space, has some very old buildings, and is also located on an extremely busy road, so we've had to manage the situation as best we can.

"We've been looking for a solution for a number of years and, fortunately, the site at North Plympton is much better suited to our needs and will help us improve our efficiencies."

The new premises comprises more than 19,000sqm of space with versatile, modern and adaptable industrial facilities.

As the site is located on Commonwealth land, finalisation of the contract requires the consent of AAL and the Commonwealth for the change in land use for Council's works depot.

"AAL has begun a public notice process relating to the change in use so that we can formally acquire the premises," Mr Buss said.

"Providing that all approvals go ahead, acquisition and moving to the new site would take part in the second half of this year."

Mr Buss said Council had considered building a completely new City Works' depot on land that it owns nearby, however this would have been much more costly than the contractual agreement for the new premises at North Plympton.

"Should acquisition of the site proceed, Council intends to sell the current works site to help off-set the costs of the new premises," Mr Buss added.

Information relating to acquisition of the North Plympton site, currently held in confidence due to the commercial nature of the contract, will be released once the contract is finalised and settlement occurs.

More information

More information and a copy of the report can be viewed by the link below under 'related content'.

Any comments about this Merit Use are to be forwarded in writing, for the attention of:

Tony Francis
Property Development Manager
Adelaide Airport Limited: Management Centre
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by 5pm, Wednesday 2 August 2017.

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